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When the weather gets chilly, be sure that you and your family stay cozy by the fire with The Fireside Shop’s extensive line of exquisite fire tools, log holders, fireplace screens and Fireside accessories. Our trusted company offers a full line of hearth screens, fireplace grates, outdoor grates, fire backs, fire bellows, fireplace andirons as well as fireplace gas valves, gas fittings and gas fire glass. Whether you have a traditional fireplace or a gas operated unit, we have the fire screen, hearth rug, or grate fireplace accessories for you all in one convenient place! American Customers can also buy direct from our UK store .

Something for Every Taste
At The Fireside Shop, we place a high value on your fireplace needs. Because of this, we concentrate on offering many different types of Fireplace Accessory’s to accommodate your taste as well as your financial budget. Our fire accessories include screens and tools for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces, and you can be sure that every type of fireplace and taste is covered. With a selection of over twelve finishes from wrought iron to solid brass across our range of fire screens, fire tools and log holders - we are confident that we can provide the perfect fireplace ensembles for every home.

Create a Warm, Relaxing Fire
For real fires, the key to success is to be tidy, organized and methodical. Wood carriers are the ideal way to transfer the fuel to the indoor firewood holder in the simplest and cleanest manner possible. Store the fuel conveniently indoors next to the fire with our smart and practical log holders then use our beautifully crafted fireplace tool sets to start and maintain the fire for hours at a time. Then be safe,  with the right fire screen or hearth screen in place, you’ll be able to sit back and safely enjoy a relaxed evening of warmth around one of our beautiful hearth rugs from our exclusive collection of fireplace rugs.

For customers who own a gas-operated fireplace, we have an impressive range of gas log kits and accessories, including replacement steel burner pipes, steel fire rings, fire wheels, H and U burners gas valves and couplings for natural gas.

When using one of our fine outdoor fire pits, you may choose a versatile log holder that incorporates a canvas or leather log carrier to store the logs easily within arm’s reach. Our robust Jura or Sheephook fireplace tools set would then be perfect for maintaining the fire from start to finish.

Making It Easy

The fireplace is the focal point of your home, so why not make it as beautiful as it can be fith a stylish fire screen and fire set? Whatever you may possibly need, indoor or out, you can find it by browsing through our user-friendly site, where we have all features and costs clearly listed for your convenience. Our new trend setting "Mood Board" filter allows you to easily find exciting styles from “Art nouveaux” to “Rococo” to “Outback” ranges for Fire Screens, Fire Tools and Log Holders. This handy search feature is sure to help you find the perfect fireplace accessory for your home.

Once you are ready to make a purchase, know that you can shop in our store securely and your information will be kept safe using our secure site. If you have any questions during your shopping experience concerning your fireplace accessory needs, our knowledgeable staff is available to help and can be reached at (866) 201-0040.


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The Fire Side Shop offers a comprehensive range of long lasting fire screens, fireplace tools & accessories, which includes grates, firebacks, fire screens, log holders and carriers. for methodical and economical fires. We have a ground breaking mood board selector tool to perfectly match the theme of your home. Our highly trained and gracious staff deliver exceptional customer service for your needs.